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February 8, 2010

Brilliant Legacy OST MV

Love is Punishment by K Will (Eng sub)
credit to lolgaligal

Crazy in Love by Jin Sun
with lyrics and translation

MV credit to romajichannel

English Translation
credit to

I only said it because I want to smile
Why cant`t you understang how I feel
I promised my self but again I`m crazily in love
It is gripping me viciously and controlling me

I am standing where you left
And I still watching you
It hurts so much when we will ever
become strangers

My heart can`t stop pounding
even as we parted
we still loved each other
It still semms like that now
The pain doesn`t wash away
Although I tried several times to endured it
It`s so hard to live day by day without you
You`re my life...

Words like sorry and goodbye
Why  do you hurt me so
I promised my self but again I crazily in love
It`s gripping me viciously and controlling me

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You, you probably don`t know
little by little we are
disappearing from you

Even if I put you back in my life
because my heart is worn out
words like love
are starting to fade away

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  1. K WILL bagus banget nyanyi love is punishment. BRAVO.


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